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EpiDose 605- Lessons In Life

EpiDose 604- Quit Hitting Yourself

EpiDose 603- Media Social and Otherwise

EpiDose 602- Welcome To Warhammer 40K

EpiDose 601- 400 Inch Boats

EpiDose 600- Delicious Outside Voices

EpiDose 599- Home Schooling

EpiDose 598- Dinosaurs and Khakis

EpiDose 597- Scary Movie Season

EpiDose 596- Making Your Way In the World Today

EpiDose 595- Media Meet Up

EpiDose 594- Florida Fun and Facts

EpiDose 593- Have You Heard

EpiDose 592- One Thousand Words

EpiDose 591- Fast Food Fun and Facts

EpiDose 590- Overwhelm and Anxiety

EpiDose 589- Art, Awe, and A.I.

EpiDose 588- Moving On Up

EpiDose 587- Bussing Wizards

EpiDose 586- Bikes and Our Puritan Roots

EpiDose 585- Who Wears Short Shorts

EpiDose 584- Fake Reviews

EpiDose 583- Birds

EpiDose 582- Nerding

EpiDose 581- Dressing Down

EpiDose 578- Changes Afoot

EpiDose 577- Is It Worth It

EpiDose 576- No Risk No Fun

EpiDose 575- Modern Wonders

EpiDose 574- Outshining The Originals

EpiDose 573- Unintended Consequences

EpiDose 572- Investing In Yourself

EpiDose 571- Genius or Rich

EpiDose 570- The Dark Ages

EpiDose 569- Go Back To Make It Worse

EpiDose 568- You Gotta Fight

EpiDose 567- Lucky or Good

EpiDose 566- Ignorance

EpiDose 565- Favorite Sayings

EpiDose 564- What We Are Getting Wrong

EpiDose 563- Advice For New Gamers

EpiDose 562- Supply Side Jesus

EpiDose 561- Can Money Save The Planet

EpiDose 560- Delicious Human Flesh

EpiDose 559- Effecting Mandela

EpiDose 558- Value and Worth

EpiDose 557- Lost History and Knowledge

EpiDose 556- Time Travel

EpiDose 555- Your Next Celebrity President

EpiDose 554- Origin Stories

EpiDose 553- Leadership Decathlon

EpiDose 552- Capitalist Dreams

EpiDose 551- Graveyard of Empires

EpiDose 550- Bored Games

EpiDose 549- Stars vs Skies

EpiDose 548- Liberalism

EpiDose 547- Music and Stuff

EpiDose 546- Bad Boys Whatcha Gonna Do

Epidose 545- Weeds Of The Rockies

EpiDose 544- Power Evil Fear

EpiDose 543- Aging Sitcoms

EpiDose 542- Trigger Warnings

EpiDose 541- Meet The Jetsons

EpiDose 540- Worst State

EpiDose 539- Wars On Concepts

EpiDose 538- Instant Replay and Other Things

EpiDose 537- Waiting In Line

EpiDose 536- Body Autonomy

EpiDose 535- Certainties In Life

EpiDose 533- Barehand Animal Brawl

EpiDose 532- Soccer Saturdays

EpiDose 530- Parenting Is Hard

EpiDose 529- Our Dystopian Paradise

EpiDose 528- Max Has The Worst Friends

EpiDose 527- Twitter News

EpiDose 526- What Happened to Sitcoms

EpiDose 525- Right Tool Wrong Job

EpiDose 524- Clothing and Patriarchy

EpiDose 523- The Afterlife

EpiDose 522- Performances of the Ages

EpiDose 521- Our Ape Origins

EpiDose 520- Not Fade Away

EpiDose 519- I Forget

EpiDose 518- Airline Edibles

EpiDose 517- Whale Milk

EpiDose 516- Excommunicato

EpiDose 515- Salt N Pepa

EpiDose 514- Celebrity Politicians

EpiDose 513- Far Far Away Alter Egos

EpiDose 512- Far Far Away Jobs

EpiDose 511- Purging Your Digital Past

EpiDose 510- Saving Daylight

EpiDose 509- Off To College

EpiDose 508- Robo Jobs

EpiDose 507- Worst of Trump

EpiDose 506- Douche Scale

EpiDose 505- 2020 Apocalypse Then

EpiDose 504- Our Plutocratic Republic

EpiDose 503- Old Timey War

EpiDose 502- Super Cool Villains

EpiDose 501- Camelidae Battle Royale

EpiDose 500- Smart Things Making Us Dumb

EpiDose 499- Popularity Contest

EpiDose 498- Doolittle Time

EpiDose 497- Land or Sea

EpiDose 425- Kermit v Pooh

EpiDose 420- Tech-lightenment

EpiDose 413- King Of Pop

EpiDose 398- Superpowers Pt2 The Supering

EpiDose 395- Bad Presents

EpiDose 393- Leadership To You

EpiDose 388- Old Wooden Ships

EpiDose 376- Personal Hells

EpiDose 374- Road Side Shoes

EpiDose 363- Tin Foil Hats and Gravy