Ignorant and Uninformed
Ignorant and Uninformed

Is there anything wrong with enslaving cute, innocent, sentient creatures to fight for our amusement? Nah…as long as it is on Gameboy and has a customizable card game and a cartoon to go along with it. Chinpokomon! This week it’s all about the moral implications of Pokemon. Remember :

1) Gay lumberjacks are the secret to Trinity’s (from the Matrix) heart. 2) Dragon with broccoli is the best dish at any Chinese take-out joint. 3) There is nothing worse than post-coital-pokeball-capture. It’s forrest animal holocaust, Benji’s Pizza Hut buffet strategy, and thunder lizards this week on I&U. Did we mention Phil Collins stops by?


Topic – Does anyone realize how fucked up Pokemon is?

From – Dawson Pascal