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Comin’ At You Live…

Welcome to Keystone, Colorado! Gorgeous, ain’t it? Nestled up in the Rocky Mountains, Keystone is part of Summit County, one of Colorado’s premiere places to go play outside in the winter.

The Bowl of Topic-ness

Look at all that folded paper. These are your topics. (Questions make the best ones.) No matter how we get them (here) this is where they end up. Then, at the start of each show – we draw one out at random –¬† and talk about it for 30 minutes.

You Get A Free T-Shirt

Awwww…isn’t she cute? This is Lou . She’s a loyal and dedicated listener. You can tell by the stylish shirt she wears. Oh? You’d like one? Well you’re in luck. All you have to do is submit a topic.¬†That’s right. We are so grateful for your generous intellectual support – we send you a free I&U t-shirt.