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Ignorant and Uninformed
Ignorant and Uninformed
EpiDose 523- The Afterlife
  • EpiDose 523- The Afterlife

    EpiDose 523- The Afterlife

    May 12, 2022 • 31:30

    St. Jayoshper has us talking theology.  Ben gets vulnerable. Geoff called BS from jump. And Max just wants to know what happens after the DMT wears off.  *** Topic – Where do we go when we die? From – St. Jaysopher, of Madison *** Submit Your Topic!  –  @IgandUn  – …

  • EpiDose 522- Performances of the Ages

    EpiDose 522- Performances of the Ages

    May 5, 2022 • 38:34

    If you could see any performance in history – which would you choose? Are you like Ben, and into history? Do you vibe with Geoff, and want to see your favorite band in a packed club with a couple hundred people right before they blew up? Or would you rather…

  • EpiDose 521- Our Ape Origins

    EpiDose 521- Our Ape Origins

    Apr 28, 2022 • 33:31

    St. Jaysopher has us talking about our animal roots. Ben’s got a theory on nearsightedness and a fantastic story. Geoff points to tribalism. Max gets limbic. It’s hollow-boned dinosaurs, the evolution of science, and the reason we hate trees.  *** Topic – How do you express your primate heritage? From…

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