Ignorant and Uninformed
Ignorant and Uninformed

Oh man – this week we dig into a couple conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, our resident expert is out of the studio. But the much prettier Debbie Whitmore joins us. She likes mystical things, keeping us on topic, and being married to Ben. Max has perfect pitch and Hollywood has a secret wish. Remember :

1) I am not saying it was aliens. But it was aliens. 2) Terra is just latin for earth. 3) Shaved wooly Mammoths build the pyramids. – We cover the gift of the magi, hailing frequencies open, astronomy, atlantis, spirit science, shift supervisors, louis ck, emojis – then and now, dragons, and the emperor of mankind. I and U. We just scienced all over that.


Topic – How were the pyramids built?

From – Tawdry Hipburn