EpiDose 317- Get Your Dictures

Is it like pokemon or direct mail marketing? Are you trying to get them all or are you expecting a one-percent return?

What, exactly, is the etiquette for dicks pics?

In a stroke of good fortune, Benji is here to lead the way.

Dave like texts.

Max is full of surprises.

Hollywood just sits back and lets it all happen.


– Unless you have been specifically told otherwise – the default answer is always no. Do not press send.

– Women, it turns out, also have the internet. They are able to see as many camera-ready dicks nicer than yours all day long.

– Good sexting is good storytelling.

– Signals aren’t consent.

– Porn : Sex as The Fast and Furious movies: driving.


Topic – What is the proper ettiquette for dick pics?

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