EpiDose 309- Top Of The Moutain

It’s mind-bending twist on an a classic question…

Geoff knows his philosophy. Hollywood answers a koan. Max is slow on the uptake and Joel is curious about the political affiliations of his grandma.

Things you’ll learn:

 – Always be wary of the terms and conditions.

 – Juicy Fruit is the best gum. For 30 seconds.

 – There’s a good reason Socrates was murdered by his students.

– “Hold me, like a pice of bologna.”


Topic – You’ve got your gear, you’ve got your guide, you’ve made the trek, and you’ve made it. You are face to face with the wise man on the mountain. Only, he asks you the question. THE question! What question does he ask you, and what is your answer?

From – Rachel B