EpiDose 564- What We Are Getting Wrong

We know we don’t know everything, so what will we look back on and be amazed at how wrong we were?

Geoff goes with electing clowns

Ben wonders about the consolidation of power

Max thinks social media is the new cigarettes

Doctors know that 50% of what they were taught in school is wrong. They just don’t know which 50%

The long term consequences of streaming – from one-hit wonders to one-verse wonders

A video on one of Ben’s points and the Honest Trailers Max and Geoff talk about 


Topic – Technology, trends, and medicine. Always evolving. W found that cigarettes are, in fact, not as healthy as doctors in the 50s thought. Electric cars take a lot of resources to produce. Even now, gas stoves are being looked at as unsafe. What current, or fairly new trend technology, or medical advice are we going to look back and be like, “the fuck were we thinking?”

From – Mike


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