Ignorant and Uninformed
Ignorant and Uninformed

It’s time to suit up…BIRTHDAY SUIT up, and head down to the nudist beach. Don’t worry, were not gonna check out your junk… we’re going to laugh at how tiny it is without even looking. I mean, I just ASSUME everyone is smaller than me down there. I gotta be pushing 4, maybe 5 inches… and from the research I’ve done for countless…wait, am I admitting to studying dude junk? No…no, that’s not what I meant…I love the ladies. There will surely be plenty to ogle at the nudist colony, right? What do you mean ‘nothing but old European dudes with back hair’? There was no way we could have foreseen this ending as poorly as it did.


Topic – Nudists: enlightened or off their rocker’s?

From – Adam Aren

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