Having a job, sucking at your job, loving your job :

Do you love your job? We want to hear about it. Because when work gets to be too much, and you just can't take another job because it's too much work, just remember you can always sit down, relax, and listen to an EpiDose of Ignorant & Uninformed. Because we love our jobs, some days it feels like work, but its always good to have a job.

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EpiDose 333- Jeopardy Boards of Doom
Thu, Sep 13 2018
Welcome, contestants! This is your ideal game of Jeopardy. You get to choose all the categories. What, pray tell, will they be? Broadway musicals? Star Wars? US History? American Cheeses? Mythology? Your favorite foods? So many choices... Listen in for

EpiDose 332- The Gravitas of Gravity
Thu, Sep 06 2018
It is astrophysics time! Vinny wants to know if we are hip to the way gravity actually works. After recording this epidose it is safe to say we are not. It has to do with divots in space-time but it may as well be magic. We start off with science and descend into dragons. Tune in and learn

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