Dorks, Nerds, Lauren Rainen, Special Hot Guests, Penis, Penii, Penises, Not Gay We Swear :

Are you a Dork or a Nerd? While both may or may not be euphemisms for the male penis (as opposed to the female penis?), deciding which sausage fest camp you belong to is no easy task. Dorks have the subconscious association with whales, so unless you are a fat kid, you can play it off as having a huge dong. If you are a fat kid, just be thankful you don't have Downs. (See epidose 45: Getting Downs with the Syndrome). If you are a nerd, you probably already know it. The permanent cowlick in your hair from all the swirl-lees you got in junior high show from a mile a way. Either way, you probably know more about science fiction authors than any human being should ever worry about. NERD!!!! DORK!!! PENIS!!!!

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