Dude, this ID is totally legit. I got it from my older sister's boyfriend's weed dealer...he looks just like you. It's fool proof. Now just walk in, grab the Smirnoff Ice, pay for it, and we are so gonna get laid. GO SENIORS!!! Ahhh...the good old days when drinking was still exciting and not something we do to make the voices in my stop screaming. :

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EpiDose 312- Baby Making Music
Thu, Apr 19 2018
Alright everyone - it is that time of the night. You know. Time to take your lover by the hand, turn down the lights, and put on some music to get into the mood. So, who is your go to? Janet Jackson? Barry White? Wham? Eazy-E? A movie soundtrack? Remember

EpiDose 311- As Is Tradition
Thu, Apr 12 2018
Are traditions important? Do they keep us connected and grounded? Or do they hold us back? Dr. Zooks wants to know. Max is worried about sunk costs. Hollywood is a part-time psychiatrist. Geoff has no personal traditions and Outdoor Dave lends some gravity. Remember

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